Meet Your Butcher

Bub Herfurth

I developed a passion for the meat industry early in life. As a son of a butcher and former business owner, I started learning the trade at a young age. I grew up doing odds and ends jobs for my family’s business. Then after graduating, I began working for them full time in production. Wanting to grow and develop my knowledge of the industry, I began working part time with smaller meat plants and custom processors, all along still working my full time position at my family’s plant. 

After 10 years of working for my family, I left to pursue my interest in high value meat packing plants. Along the way I gained valuable knowledge and accreditation in humane handling, slaughter, fabrication and packaging from 7 years managing in those large packing facilities. Eventually I returned to manage my family’s business. I remained in that position for 9 years before receiving the opportunity to start my own business. 


What We Do

     Lehigh Valley Meats, LLC is a family run business. We started as a custom exempt processor with the ability to slaughter under USDA inspection. We are now able to slaughter, cut and package under USDA inspection along with doing our custom work. In conjunction with our inspected process we also have a growing roasting pig wholesale business. Specializing in supplying both fresh and frozen roasting pigs to Caterers, wholesale companies and individuals looking for quality roasting pigs for BBQs, picnics or parties.

What We Stand For

Our mission is to run a business that honors the Lord, to be humane to the livestock we harvest and to exceed the expectations of our customers and producers.